Uncover The Best Version of You And Map Out Your Next Move
The impact of this event is empowerment in its most authentic form.

  • Integrates your life mission and who you are as a person with what you want out of life.
  • Create a path to move forward, with critical steps, equipped to execute with intelligence, heart, and clarity.
  • Outline the critical steps necessary to achieve a six year plan of success in 18-month increments.
  • Execute your plan with intelligence, heart and clarity.
  • Work with your “My Map of Me,” which is an integrated blueprint that helps you understand your Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style, Work Values, Core Values, Abilities and Interests.
  • When you leave this two-day retreat you will have the clear plan necessary for a successfully intentional and integrated life!

The Pathfinder Journey

During the event, using our trademarked products, you will be fortified with clarity and a deeper appreciation of yourself along the following categories::

  • Financial — your Fiscal Comfort Zone
  • Spiritual — your Faith Factor
  • Body and Health — your Mind Body Integration
  • Relationships — aiming for Mastery
  • Environment — where you live, work and enjoy life
  • Career — your Work Life Integration
  • Intellectual — your Brain Power
  • Soulfulness — Self-Determination & Resolution
  • Play — an energized Freedom of Movement

You will be motivated to move forward in your life purpose with depth and direction like never before. This approach blends together what you need for both your personal and your professional life. This total study of you will take into account your My Map of Me which is an integrated blue-print that includes your Motivated Role and Temperament, Impact Style, Work Values, Core Values, Abilities and Interests.

You will leave with a 6 Year Plan and an 18 month personal executable Strategic Focus along with the Critical Steps to make it a reality.  A blueprint for a successfully intentional and integrated life is something that places us on an intentional track and prompts us to be accountable and proactive. We will stay the course, helping you reach your goals.

The Pathfinder™ Path

Energy Inventory The Energy Inventory ™ is designed for you to take a look at the activities that you are currently doing and how they either give or take away energy. The energy inventory is specifically about creating awareness for you in preparation for The Pathfinder Retreat.
My Map of Me – The IMAP and self evaluation portions of the Pathfinder Journey allow you to better understand yourself and others by revealing specific characteristics inherent in your personality. Once you understand your “wiring,” when decisions regarding the sustainability of specific jobs and/or compatibility of specific working relationships
Personal Life Mission – Discover how defining experiences, affirmations, and fulfillment influence you as relates to people, things and ideas. Through the use of the IMAP and other evaluation tools, you will gain focus about your key skills and abilities bringing you to a clear understanding of your “Motivated Role.”
Life Segments – This section of The Pathfinder™ journey allows you to gain a greater understanding of how you see yourself as an individual and a professional. Through segmented evaluation of specific areas of your life you will have a greater understanding of the strong segments in your life as well as those that need more focus.
6-Year Plan – The 6-Year plan is a visual representation of the life that you desire to create. Discover and map the events, thoughts, Ideas, quotes and other key information that are relevant to your life and they way you live your life.
18-Month Growth Curve – There are four 18-month segments within your 6-Year plan. By developing your first 18-month plan for implementation toward your 6-year plan, you will be setting your plan and goals in motion and be prepared to move forward with intention and purpose.
myFocused Action Navigator – The myFocused Action Navigator gives you an accountability tool to help you in achieving your first and subsequent gCurves. By establishing 30 day Focus/Action items, you will be able to identify obstacles, create a plan and track progress of all of the segments within your 18-Month Growth Curve.

The Pathfinder™ Retreat – Post Event

A look at your Pathfinder Journey

Your continued success is important. After the event another interview will be conducted to handle follow-up questions as well as take a look at your plan using the myFocused Action Navigator, myBVA and other services/resources vNacelle can provide to help you build the best version of yourself and reach your goals!