There are many pathways to success.
The Pathfinder™ gives you the tools,
tactics, focus, and direction you need
to create a successfully intentional
and integrated life!

The Pathfinder is a retreat style workshop that integrates your life mission and who you are as a person with what you really want out of life.  You will walk away with a path to move forward designed as a six year plan. As part of this plan you will outline the critical steps necessary to achieve this six year plan in 18-month increments, executing your plan with intelligence, heart and clarity.  This reflective retreat, held in a small group setting, will take into account your My Map of Me, which is an integrated blueprint that helps you understand your Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style, Work Values, Core Values, Abilities and Interests. When you leave this two-day retreat you will have the clear plan necessary for a successfully intentional and integrated life!  

The quality of the journey is in many ways just as important as the destination. Creating a map that leads us into the future gives us the confidence we need to succeed! This is what The Pathfinder™ does; it gives you the tools, tactics, focus, and direction to make things happen. 

Discover the pieces of your personal design which make you an original with a unique purpose in this world.

  • Discover your individual:

    • Impact Style

    • Temperament

    • Motivated Role

  • Create a focused 6 year plan based on 18-month increments based on who you are and where you are going

  • Put your plan into action with continued support through:

    • The Focused Action Navigator

    • myBVA

    • Coaching

    • The many other tools and resources provided by vNacelle