vNacelle Insights – The Pathfinder – 4 Steps to Your Personal Life Mission – Step 1-My History

vNacelle Insights – The Pathfinder – 4 Steps to Your Personal Life Mission – Step 1-My History

Today we are continuing our series on The Pathfinder called
My History.’

The Pathfinder is a retreat-style workshop that integrates your life mission and who you are as a person with what you really want out of life.

Today Jimmy Taylor, Partner, and Pathfinder Guide will be sharing the first in our 5 part Pathfinder series titled, ‘What is a Personal Life Mission and why does it matter.’

The Pathfinder Series – Four Steps to Your Personal Life Mission

  1. What is a PLM and why does it matter – Overview of 4 steps
  2. My History:
    1. Energy Inventory
    2. Best defining Experiences
    3. Abilities
  3. My Natural Wiring
    1. The iMAP – overview
    2. Your Wiring – Motivated Role
    3. Your wiring – Temperament
    4. Your Wiring – Impact Style
  4. Shaping my Destiny
    1. Interests
    2. Outcomes
    3. Passion
  5. Building My Compass
    1. My PLM
    2. BHAGS
    3. My Life Goals and Dreams

With over 28 years of experience developing entrepreneurs and their businesses, we know that the development of the entrepreneur is directly tied to the development and growth of the business.
We work with you & your team to:

• Develop Key Entrepreneurial Mindsets
• Accelerate your Business Value
• Create a “Transferrable” Enterprise
• And live a “Fulfilled” Lifestyle!

vNacelle Insights – Our Webcast and New TRD Webpage

vNacelle Insights – Our Webcast and New TRD Webpage

We are kicking off 2018 with a new webcast – “vNacelle Insights”!

Our passion in all that we do is to help you accelerate your Entrepreneurial Flight with information and interviews designed to help you grow yourself and your people, improve your processes, and deliver great financial results!

With a strong economy and aging business owners 2018 has already seen a strong demand for our Transition Review Developer (TRD). It is an important transition tool for business owners, designed to help them identify their objectives in both business and life, and then develop a roadmap to guide the way. Check out our updated TRD page on the vNacelle website to see some in-depth information on business transitions with vNacelle and the TRD! To find out more CLICK HERE.

We will also be taking a special look this year at two other programs

Our premier personal development program – The Pathfinder – A retreat-style workshop that enables individuals to develop a personal roadmap and a six-year plan in every area of their life!

Strong visual process mapping with truVIZ – a powerful process that helps clarify, capture and organize complex business processes into easy-to-grasp visuals to better connect the people to the process for improved performance.

Finally, we will also be providing information on our other programs and services such as:

Cutting edge psychometrics with the iMAP which helps people understand their wiring, especially their Motivated Role which tells us about our intrinsic motivators that are so rewarding to us we would do it for free!

Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI)a patented onboarding survey that helps hiring-managers understand and positively impact perceptions of their new employee.

Reducing employee attrition with the Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) – A patented online exit survey taken by an employee in place of, or to complement, the traditional exit interview and help companies understand the drivers of turnover.

Using the Business Value Accelerator (BVA) company leaders are able to identify their 12 – 18-month objectives, select the key drivers they would need to accomplish to make those objectives a reality and then holds them accountable to execute the critical steps necessary to execute on their plan.

Executive acquisition using Executive Search is our search process builds on over 20 years of experience helping clients select and hire C-level executives as we identify leaders that drive company values and business results!

Executive CoachingWe coach leaders and manager and teach them how to execute more effectively in today’s role while they prepare for their role tomorrow.

High-Performance Teaming – A team workshop designed to lead teams to greater alignment and high performance through understanding individual and team strengths, as well as natural points of conflict.

Be sure to join us every week as we

explore the Entrepreneurial  World!

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