The Pathfinder™ Retreat – Glen Rose Texas – January 2018

We know that it’s easy to
get caught in a rut…

We know that even highly successful people need a plan for success…

What’s your plan for today, this week, this month or the next 6 years?

Find out how to plan for the future you may not even realize is out there for you.

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Join us at The Pathfinder Retreat and spend some time reflecting on your path to leading an even more successful and impactful life! This three-day event in historic Glen Rose, TX, kicks off with dinner on Wednesday, January 17th and concludes with lunch on Friday, January 19th. It will be a powerful way to get 2018 started!
This unique event walks you through a process of understanding your gifts, talents, and motivations in life through developing a personal “My Map of Me”. Using this confirmation of your strengths as a foundation, our Guides will walk you through using those abilities to develop a personal roadmap to achieve your desired results in every area of life – from health and finance to your career and relationships.
At the end of the retreat, you will have a personal Six-Year Strategic Plan, along with an 18-month executable Strategic Focus and the crucial steps needed to make your desired destination a reality. The post-retreat coaching call after the event will include working with the FAN (Focused Action Navigator)and the G-curve (Growth Curve) which will be developed and planned out in greater detail with your Pathfinder Guide.
The cost for this event includes everything you will need, except transportation cost to Glen Rose, and includes meals, retreat notebook and other material, and lodging at the Inn on the River Bed and Breakfast.
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See what some previous retreat participants
have said about their experience:
“I would recommend the Pathfinder to anyone who is serious about creating their best life…”
-Mary M., Tampa, FL
Micah Taylor
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