What if you could design the life of your dreams?

What if this one
thing, changed

What if this 
process was
made just for you?

We all need a chance to unplug from the daily grind and recenter, refocus and design our best life.  The Pathfinder does this and more.



It’s about getting where
you want to go in
business and in life

When you attend a Pathfinder, you don’t just show up to do the work and leave. We set you up for success from the moment you sign up and stay connected with you and your journey long after you leave.



I found the Pathfinder retreat to be a great opportunity to focus on my purpose and direction so that I can be intentional about how I spend my time and align my activities with my life mission.  The retreat is the key to the rest of my life.

Thanks again,



“Everyone should do the Pathfinder course. It is both a logical and a creative method not only setting life & work intentions but setting those intentions into action. It is a great program for people who are stuck and don’t know where to go next– yet equally useful for those who know where they want to go but need a path.”  


I believe things happen for a reason!

I enrolled in the Pathfinders event after leaving a 30-year career and taking time off with my family. The opportunity to explore my life, my natural wiring, create my personal life mission statement, and wrap 6-year goals around it all was too good to pass up. Elizabeth and Jimmy did a great job creating a safe environment for me to meet others on the same journey and share openly my intentions for the two days. Wherever you attend I am sure you will never forget your surroundings as Winter Park was amazing. Elizabeth leads this activity with a perfect blend of structure and free-flowing moments of thought and reflection. The work is intense and will make you really challenge yourself to land on your feet at the end but if you apply the lessons and trust where the path takes you, a finished map of your potential next 6 years will be going home with you on the plane. My Map is on my wall in front of me each day and I have shared it with my family and several professional colleagues. I am so glad I made the commitment to do this work on myself as it has given me a sense of confidence and peace of mind regarding who I am and how I can best impact the world around me.

My best advice if you choose to participate is taking the pre-work seriously. Challenge yourself with a very important first draft so when you find yourself second-guessing under time pressure to make a decision you can fall back on what your head and heart were telling you early on.

Dan C.


“I would recommend the Pathfinder to anyone who is serious about creating their best life…”

-Mary M., Tampa, FL (October 2017)

The timing couldn't have been better...

The timing couldn’t have been better to attend the Pathfinder Summit in spectacular Winter Park, Colorado.

I was recently downsized from a job that I thought was going to last until my retirement. Needless to say, I was in transition and wanted to be careful and discerning about the next step. My quandary was this – how could I create fulfilling work that also generates more than enough income to make a living? This was weighing heavy on my mind and heart. Thanks to the excellent Pathfinder facilitators, I’m getting closer to understanding my life purpose with depth and direction. They made it fun and energizing for the amazing group of folks who attended. We left with an 18-month growth curve and a 6-year executable plan. This plan, in map form, is fortifying, and now hangs on my wall at home to view and ponder every day. Most importantly, we made connections that will last a lifetime. I would recommend this gift to anyone who is serious about creating their best life.

Mary Maloney

Intuitive & Motivational

“Intuitive & Motivational – The Pathfinder Retreat helped me set in motion a plan that has already shown me results in just a matter of a few months. The ongoing nature of the plan I created for myself also allows me to easily make adjustments as I realize new aspects of existing goals or entirely new goals. It has given me a greater focus on who I am and where I am going!”


-K. Ward, MO (October 2017)

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