May 16-18, 2018
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University of Earth
64274 Hwy 70,
Graeagle, California 96103



During the event, using our trademarked products, you will be fortified with clarity and a deeper appreciation of yourself along the following categories:

  • Financial — your Fiscal Comfort Zone
  • Spiritual — your Faith Factor
  • Body and Health — your Mind Body Integration
  • Relationships — aiming for Mastery
  • Environment — where you live, work and enjoy life
  • Career — your Work Life Integration
  • Intellectual — your Brain Power
  • Soulfulness — Self-Determination & Resolution
  • Play — an energized Freedom of Movement

Your time will be motivated to move forward in your life purpose with depth and direction like never before. This approach blends together what you need for both your personal and your professional life. This total study of you will take into account your My Map of Me which is an integrated blue-print that includes your Motivated Role and Temperament, Impact Style, Work Values, Core Values, Abilities and Interests.

You will leave with a 6 Year Plan and an 18 month personal executable Strategic Focus along with the Critical Steps to make it a reality.  A blueprint for a successfully intentional and integrated life is something that places us on an intentional track and prompts us to be accountable and proactive.

We will stay the course, helping you reach your goals. After the event you will receive follow a follow-up interview and access to our Focused Action Navigator – allowing you to continue forward with your success map tracking your achievements in a strong and accountable way.


The Pathfinder™ Retreat

May 16-18, 2018 University of Earth
Reno, NV / Graeagle, CA Area

It’s time to Uncover The Best Version of You And Map Out Your Next Move!

There are many pathways to success. The Pathfinder™ gives you the focus, direction, and tools you need to make your entrepreneurial journey a successful one!

Meet your Pathfinder Guides

Your Pathfinder™ Guides are here to:

  • Guide you in The Pathfinder™ Process
  • Help you establish a Strategic Plan of Action
  • Aid you in streamlining the process with their expertise

Doug Damon

Damon believes that his strong suits are an ability to integrate vision with function and he balances the need for “blue sky” ideas with the reality of budgeting and financial performance considerations.

Doug graduated from the University of Nevada at Reno with a B.A. degree in History after service in the United States Army with a one-year tour of duty in Vietnam. Upon graduation, Damon went to work in the family business, then called Damon Distributing Company. In 1977, he purchased Damon Distributing from his father and subsequently changed the name to Damon Industries in order to more accurately capture the evolving nature of the business model.

Damon has been active in IBDEA (International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association); a trade association dedicated to the issues and needs of the beverage dispensing industry. He is past Chairman, President, and an active Board Member since 1980. Damon has testified as an expert witness on industry issues to several committees and sub-committees of the United States Congress.

Hobbies include reading (business and motivational books), writing, working out at the local gym, hiking, and traveling with wife Diana who has been a phenomenal support over the years. Damon also, as an avocation, facilitates strategic planning for friends businesses and has done so for his trade association and bank. He enjoys mentoring (and learning from) diverse cross-sections of people including his own children, all grown now. Sons, Aaron and Josh, work in the business and are fully cognizant of all possible exit strategies and family trust planning. Tiffany, the youngest, is married, living in New York City, and establishing herself in the fashion industry. So far, the children have brought Damon and his wife, three grandchildren.

Elizabeth Ledoux 

Elizabeth Lake LedouxElizabeth Ledoux is a 24-year, highly recognized veteran working to develop sustained business value growth in both the United States and Canada through entrepreneurial development, focused operational efficiency, effective management team development, and enhanced financial management, measurement and accountability. She has compassionately and effectively taken hundreds of privately-held business owners and their management teams to the next level as they seek to experience accelerated growth, improve their business value, and navigate the process of successful business succession.


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